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Transfer Paper - Terrazzo


These stunning transfers are made by a lovely lady in Hungary


Finesse are proud to be the exclusive supplier in NZ!

Please read below for instructions - please note the transfers turn matte after baking.


Instructions will be provided with the product

UPDATE: You can also use some Sculpey Liquid Clay Softener mixed through your clay. - product coming soon. 

The below instructions are for use with Sculpey Clay – if you are using a sticker clay such as Cernit or Fimo the liquid clay step does not have to be used. However if your clay is a bit dry we recommend using this step.


1. Condition your clay and lay out on your work surface


2. Apply the very thinnest layer of Sculpey Liquid Clay (translucent) you only need a tiny bit to dampen the clay a bit so the transfer sticks. Wipe your finger over the liquid clay to get any excess off ensuring the full surface of your clay has a slight tacky feel. This is an important part of the process so please do not skip. If the layer of liquid clay is too thick the transfer may not fully work.


3. Lay your transfer print (print side down) onto the surface of your clay. Rub your fingers over the transfer ensuring all parts of the transfer are in contact with your clay.


4. Leave for 30mins – Be Patient 😊


5. Lift the transfer to make sure the image is fully transferred – if not leave another 5-10mins


6. Remove your transfer paper – avoid touching the surface as this can smudge the ink - be careful where you put the transfer as it can be sticky


7. Bake your clay as usual – you will get a matte result after baking.


Best results are baking at 110degrees - 130degrees, colours may fade a bit. Depends on what brand of clay you are using.



8. If you would like more vibrant colours use a glossy varnish or resin


14cm x 14cm

Transfer Paper - Terrazzo

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